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April 5, 2013
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Bartholomew Ref by DemonML Bartholomew Ref by DemonML
Smolder drakes emit thick plumes of smoke and steam from their various vents. They have an extremely high core temperature which they help maintain by exposing their fins to the sunlight. Their weapon of choice, of course, is smoke as, unlike dragons, they have a very weak flame. The smoke though, is hot enough to burn flesh, and can even poison a victim if inhaled. The smoke is created when extract from consumed material (both plant, meat and occasional rock) is stored in their heating bladders and boiled. The smoke is then sent through glands leading to the vents (this works much like a teapot). As a result, the scent of the smoke varies on what the drake eats and can range from sulfurous, to sweet.

They don't produce thick smoke all the time though. Mostly it is just radiant heat and steam (similar to what heat off a sidewalk or car looks like), until they are agitated or threatened. The red "glow" seen above is almost always present, but its not lava, they store the incredibly hot liquid extract in a pouch in their gullet and in their tails. The tail pouch provides fuel for the tail-vents to produce smoke, and drakes will curl up and hold their tails on cold nights (kind of like extra heat reserves). The throat pouch holds the blazing liquid to be used as a last-ditch weapon.
Their entire bodies are very hot to the touch. Though you can safely come into contact with the skin on the face, sides, and legs; merely waving a hand over a vent can scald it (and forget about actually touching one, what are you crazy).
They are generally grey, black, or brown with markings of similar shades, but rust, dark maroon, orange and even white markings have been seen.

Though they are not the most pleasant of creatures and can be very temperamental, they aren't usually aggressive without reason.


all I got. bye.

also Bartholomew is pretty typical for a Smolder Drake so...not going to talk about him right now...
I may or may not make some custom ones (and I don't mean like colored templates I mean completely unique drawings) for friends but im still on the fence about that.....

Smolder Drakes species and art (c) :icondemonml:

Do not reference, re-draw or re-post. This is a closed species
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Awesome design! Love the horns and little specks of color :)
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Leopard gecko tailplump. SQUEE.
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DemonML Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2013   Digital Artist
Thanks you c: and hes a lazy fancy-sass bum he'd probably huff and puff and insult you in the fancies way and then go lay on a sunny rock somewhere and brood |3
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He looks so cool! ;u;
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